PanaLog 4D V2 Add-On Module Highlights

Text & E-mail Capability

  • PanaLog 4D V2 is an Add-On Module for the PanaLog IP V2 product. The Add-On Module requires the PanaLog IP V2 product to be already installed on a PC that meets all requirements.
  • In addition to all the features of the IP V2 product and reporting capabilities, the 4D Add-on Module provides customers with advanced Text and E-mail notifications for: telephone system major and minor alarms, 911 Emergency notifications, system operation connection notifications.
  • Manager screen-pop alerts for international calls and calls not answered.
  • Note: PanaLog 4D V2 does not text/email call management reports.

Browse through the highlights & click on a screen-shot to view. The highlight below showcase a few of the advanced features.

Welcome to PanaLog 4D V2

PanaLog 4D V2 Entry Easy Setup. Select your telephone system and click Save. Enter the telephone system IP address and click Connect IP Upon successful connection, the Main Menu collects call data and provides quick navigation links. PanaLog Close

  • Fast Setup and enhanced features.
  • Text & E-mail Integration - Get Emergency & Alarm Notifications by Text or E-mail in seconds.
  • Built-in System Log Monitor - Tracks telephone system alarms and insures notifications were sent (date & time stamp).
  • Easy contact information setup for Alert Notifications - PanaLog sends alerts to those contacts based on your input.
  • Exiting the PanaLog Program provides users a warning pop-up that calls will not be collected.
  • Utilizes SSL (Secure Sockets Layer cryptographic protocols) which encrypts data transmission to provide secure communications. This type of encryption protects user identification information and all e-mail content.
  • LAN Interface to telephone system MPR Card LAN Port Required for call collection (IP network interface). PC Internet Connection Required for Cell Phone Text & E-mail Notifications.
  • Manager Alert Screen-pops: Alerts managers of important office activity and integrates report automation providing immediate call management statistics. Stop hackers and stop fraud immediately with pop-up notification in seconds if an International Call is made from your office.
  • Includes all the Built-in Call Management Reports of PanaLog IP V2  product to help track employee productivity, stop telephone abuse, and evaluate business statistics.
  • Supports Windows 10,8,7 , XP (32/64 bit processors)
  • Each license supports (1) site location only, for connection between (1) PC and (1) telephone system only.

Easy Text & E-mail Setup

Easy 4D V2 Text & E-mail Setup. Select which notifications you want to get to cell phone or email. Enter either an e-mail format or cell phone format (per included instructions). Notifications will be sent to the contact you provide.

  • PanaLog 4D V2 has built-in alarm monitors which track hundreds of possible telephone system alarms from your Panasonic System. If the telephone system sends information of an alarm, the Text & E-mail feature will alert you in seconds.
  • You can also send a test message after you add all the contact information to make sure the cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses are in the right format, and to insure you are ready to receive real-time alarm notifications.
  • To discontinue receiving alert notifications, just remove your contact information and you will no longer be notified of site issues.
  • Important! Alerts can only be sent if the telephone system has power and if there is an internet connection at the PC where PanaLog is installed.
  • The cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses you provide in the setup section are stored on "your" computer hard drive, not in the PanaLog software, for security.

911 Emergency Text & E-mail Notification Samples

911 Emergency Alerts when 911 is called from user office. 911 Sample Text Alert Notification for 911 Sample 911 Emergency E-mail Notification

  • In addition to PC screen pops alerting to 911 calls, send Emergency 911 Notifications to cell phones, e-mail or both in seconds.
  • 911 Alarm Notifications can be sent to the office manager's cell phone, office manager's e-mail address, or both (or anyone that needs to be notified of an Emergency 911 call). Once an Emergency 911 message is sent, a consumer can use the PanaLog 4D V2 911 locator to quickly identify the extension that made the call, and obtain call management data (by clicking a button on the screen pop).

Minor & Major Telephone System Alarm Notification Samples

Sample SMDR Disconnect Text Notification (if call collection stops). Sample Major Alarm Text Notification

  • Get Immediate Text & E-mail Notifications for Major/Minor Phone System Alarms at customer site locations in seconds.
  • If a site location has telephone system trouble at night or on the weekend, the Alert System can notify you of trouble.
  • Note: All telephone system alarms are directly related to the telephone system and are provided by the Panasonic Telephone System. PanaLog does not control the telephone system alarms and only advises when an alarm is detected. For telephone system alarm details, consumers must contact their Certified Panasonic Telephone System Installer. Certified Dealers must contact Panasonic Corporation of North America directly for telephone system alarm issues or questions. PanaLog Company does not provide support on Panasonic Telephone System Equipment issues, as PanaLog software only alerts you to what has happened at a site location.
  • Alarm Notifications are tagged with the Error # assigned by the Panasonic Telephone System to provide quick troubleshooting info.
  • Major/Minor Telephone System Alarm Notifications can be set to notify IT personnel (or anyone that maintains the office equipment). Notify employees by cell phone, e-mail, or both (or no Minor Alarm Notifications at all). You decide what is best for your company, and who you want alerted based on your business needs.
  • SMDR Disconnect means Call Collection Stopped-you need to know about it. This type of notification can alert Consumers that the connection path to the Telephone System SMDR port was interrupted (and the telephone system did not have a path to send call data to a PC). This could be the result of site hardware issues, site network issues or the simple fact that someone at the office stopped the call collection process by closing  down the PanaLog program (and the telephone system detected the communication path was closed). Depending on how long the connection path is down, the telephone system has a small call buffer to store only a few hundred calls, and you will begin to lose call data over an extended period of time. This alert helps consumers monitor and maintain a live connection between their telephone system and the PC where PanaLog 4D V2 is installed, so calls are not lost. This message is sent after the connection is established again, and logged in the System Operation (SYSOP) Log.

Manager Alert Samples

Manager Alerts Sample Manager Alert PC screen pop

  • Manager Alerts: PC Screen-pops help the business owner/manager detect International calls and calls not answered.
  • When Manager Alerts are viewed, PanaLog 4D V2 engages Report Automation for fast analysis of the call data.

System Operation (SYSOP) Log

System Operation (SYSOP) Log keeps track of phone system alarms, text/email notifications sent, closing and stopping call collection.

  • System Log attaches a Date/Time stamp of all activity.
  • Keeps track of the telephone system alarms sent from the Panasonic Telephone System.
  • Keeps Track if the Text/E-mail Alert Notifications are Enabled. If Notification information is not Enabled, alerts can not be sent.
  • Informs Business Owners/managers if Text/E-mail Notifications were sent about system issues. The System Notification Log is stored on the consumer PC hard Drive. PanaLog 4D V2 has a test notification option which can send a test message to the contacts that were entered in the setup section, (you can just click a button to test). This test insures that the contact information that you entered during setup is the correct format, and a test Notification verifies message delivery. All test messages sent are also logged into the System Log.
  • Informs Business Owners/managers if someone stops call collection or closed the PanaLog Program.
  • Informs Business Owners/managers that a Manager Alert Pop-Up was sent to advise of unusual activity.
  • Informs Business Owners/managers if someone manually deleted all the System Operation call log information.
  • To prevent massive call data loss, we designed the System Operation Report that is sent twice a day (at 9:00am and 5:00pm) to notify IT personnel (or anyone that maintains the office equipment) that call collection is operating properly. If this notification is not received, you are not collecting calls. If the network is disconnected (Example: the CAT5 Internet cable is unplugged from the PC), PanaLog 4D provides a PC screen-pop message to let you know that call collection has stopped as a courtesy, but if there is a network issue, not only will communication to the telephone system cease, but the PC will not have an Internet connection to send notifications. If you don't get your daily System Operation (SYSOP) Report, you will know to check your PC where PanaLog 4D V2 is installed, as there is a network issue preventing Notifications and the ability to collect calls.

PanaLog 4D V2 includes

  • Built-In Tech Support.
  • Emergency 911 Audio & Visual Alerts.
  • Built-In Automated Backup System for calls collected.
  • 25 Built-in Call Management Reports help track employee productivity, stop telephone abuse, and evaluate business statistics. Report Samples
  • Network monitor will advise of network issues, and help isolate trouble.
  • Note: Always check with your local cell phone carrier to see if the cell phone is on an unlimited texting plan before setting up PanaLog 4D V2 Alerts to a cell phone. If you do not have an unlimited texting plan, or if your cell phone provider charges for "inbound text messages", your provider may charge you fees per inbound text in accordance with your cell phone plan and your provider's cell phone policy. If you do not have an unlimited texting plan, or if your cell phone provider charges per inbound text message, we recommend to receive Notifications by E-mail only.