Serial Number Validation & Official Product Info

We do not manufacture PanaLog Products without a serial number. The Official PanaLog product must remain at the office location where PanaLog is installed to receive tech support and product warranty (PanaLog Software Engineers may need it to provide assistance with computer issues). If consumers discover they were not sold a legal licensed PanaLog Product, they should contact PanaLog's Legal Department. Consumer Protection

V2 Product Line

All V2 products have a Certificate of Authenticity with serial number on the outer case which matches the serial numbers on the CD and USB inside the case. All three matching Serial Numbers together validate an Authentic PanaLog V2 Product.

Official PanaLog PRO & Serial Number Location

*Consumers using PanaLog PRO have the serial number built into the PanaLog Main Menu, along with the Dealer's Company Name hard-coded into the software. Only distinguished USA Dealer Partners who enrolled in the USA Partner Program, have the official PanaLog PRO CD. This product was offered to Panasonic Dealers for a limited time and expired August 2015. Panasonic Dealers can no longer enroll in the program to become a PRO Dealer.

PanaLog V1 products No longer Manufactured/Discontinued

  • Discontinued December 2015. Full Notice: 2015 V1 Replacement Notice

  • PanaLog legacy support for discontinued software versions (V0 & V1) has long expired. Software Replacement Info

  • Version 1 Products were discontinued December 2015 and replaced with the V2 product line January 2016. Legacy support for discontinued V1 products expired Dec 30, 2016.

  • Notifications were sent to Authorized Distribution and existing users with upgrade offers between January 01, 2016 thru July 01, 2016. Upgrade offers expired Dec 30, 2016.

PanaLog V1 Products Serial Number Location: On Official PanaLog CD

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PanaLog Components

Without the official PanaLog components, we can not provide support. If you purchase PanaLog Software, these components must remain at the consumer facility (Registered end user where PanaLog is installed) to receive technical assistance for program operation.

  • An official Panalog CD is painted/silk-screened, and products containing either CD or USB are copyright and trademark protected with a special Hologram label printed with the product serial number. Be alert if someone assists you with software installation and takes your CD or USB (which is where your serial number is located). If the PanaLog support center would need to re-install your software for proper installation, your licensed CD or USB PanaLog product is mandatory for validation and installation. You should always have your official PanaLog components with you before contacting our technical support center.

  • We provide a cable kit (in PanaLog Chrome packages only as a cable connection is required for this product) for an easy plug-n-play solution for RS232 serial cable interface. Our cable kit connects to your telephone system and computer Com Port. We do not provide technical support for cables that we do not manufacture. If you do not have the correct cable for your system, you will not collect calls. An Official PanaLog SMDR Cable Kit is included with your software package for a Serial RS232 Connection.

  • Technical Support is provided after serial number validation.

  • Be Alert ~ Be Informed. Know what you should get in an Official Licensed PanaLog software package and be aware of the current product lines to insure you are purchasing the most recent product version.