Panasonic Connection to PanaLog

PanaLog IP V2, PanaLog Lite & PanaLog 4D V2: Insure you have a connection from the telephone system LAN port to the customer router/switch via CAT5 patch cord. Panasonic Telephone System interface is via IP path (over the customer's network) to the customer's PC. The consumer PC must be on the network. The IP Address of the telephone system is assigned by the Panasonic Telephone System Installer. This is the path for call collection--the IP address is placed into PanaLog software to collect calls. PanaLog IP products supports WI-FI (if the consumer PC has WI-FI you do not need a CAT5 cable plugged into the PC for call collection).

PanaLog Chrome V2 interface: The consumer PC must have a Com Port to collect calls. Connection from the Telephone System RS232 port (using the cable kit included with the software) directly to the consumer PC Com Port. Panasonic specs for cable length is 6ft, and PanaLog follows the connection specs of the telephone system manufacturer.

Important--After Configuration

After proper connection and configuration of PanaLog Software to your Panasonic Telephone System (either by RS232 cable or IP depending on your product), PanaLog's Main Menu displays the call data stream received from your telephone system. This is raw data exactly as it was sent from your telephone system. PanaLog takes this raw data, and organizes it, at your Analyze screen. The Main Menu should remain minimized when PanaLog is not being used for reports to maintain a live connection between your PC and telephone system. This will insure you are collecting all inbound and outbound calls. PanaLog Software does not control the SMDR data flow, connection between the PC to the telephone system or call information sent from the telephone system to the PC. Call collection is only accomplished when there is sync between the telephone system SMDR path back to the PC input path. All information is controlled by the telephone system and the PC, which requires sync and proper protocols (either by RS232 or IP path). Proper configuration and call collection requires proper telephone system programming, proper PC configuration, and proper configuration between the telephone system and PC. If you're not collecting calls within a few minutes, Panasonic Dealers should submit a trouble ticket. We have 18 years experience interfacing PanaLog with Panasonic Systems...we can assist with configuration extremely quick and have the program operational in minutes.

Additional Info

WARNING: Your telephone system call buffer does not have the capacity to hold more than a few hundred calls, and if you close the live connection, you will lose blocks of call information (that can never be recovered) if you have high call volume. Your telephone system only retains the most recent few hundred calls. Stopping Call Collection and/or closing down the PanaLog Software program disconnects the signal between your telephone system and PC (all Call Management products work in this fashion). When you disconnect that signal, the call data stream has nowhere to go other than to remain in your telephone system call buffer...which only holds a few hundred calls.

If you close the PanaLog program down at night, make sure you open PanaLog & start your live connection to your telephone system in the morning. This is easily accomplished by clicking the Start/Connect icon (depending on your product) from the Main Menu, and connecting to your telephone system again so you can receive the call data to your PC. The telephone system call buffer should accommodate any calls that come in during the night and upon connection in the morning, the buffer will send the information into PanaLog. If your business runs a 24/7 operation, it is best to keep PanaLog running at all times to insure monitoring employee activity during the night shift.

Once the calls are collected, they are not stored in the PanaLog Software program, they are stored on your PC hard drive only when a live connection is accomplished. PanaLog Software does not control call storage.

If you have been disconnected for a long period of time, then start PanaLog Software and connect to your telephone system again, you will only receive the most recent few hundred calls from your telephone system call buffer. Your telephone system overwrites all other call data due to the limited buffer capacity.

Consumers should consult with their Certified Panasonic Telephone System Installer for your Panasonic telephone system model specifications. Certified Panasonic Dealers should consult with Panasonic directly in regards to telephone system specifications. PanaLog company does not control the output of the telephone systems. All SMDR output is controlled by the Panasonic Telephone Systems, Certified Dealer programming (and, as example, the Telephone Company controls certain aspects such as Caller ID, DID, etc.). Panalog collects the data output--PanaLog does not (and can not) control the output.