Equipment Requirements & Configuration Help

Your Telephone System & PC must meet all the PanaLog Software specs for proper program operation. If the PC Operating System and/or telephone system do not meet the product specs, PanaLog will not operate and support can not be provided. PanaLog Software does not support Servers, MAC or Terminal Services/Virtual Machine Platforms. Tech support is not provided on equipment that is not supported.

NOTE: The difference between cable & IP solution is the connection pathway between the PC and telephone system.

Which PanaLog Products can be used on the Panasonic Systems?

1) If you have a KX-NS, KX-TDE or KX-NCP System you can use any of the PanaLog IP Solutions: PanaLog IP V2 "or" PanaLog Lite. PanaLog IP Solutions supports Windows 10, 8, 7 or XP.

2) If you have a KX-TDA System or KX-TA824, the only product that can be used is PanaLog Chrome V2 (Cable Kit Included). PanaLog Chrome V2 supports Windows 7 or XP.

3) If you are already using PanaLog IP V2, users can add enhanced features with the optional PanaLog 4D V2 Add-On Module to receive Text & E-mail Alerts for emergency 911 calls and other great features. The PanaLog 4D V2 product is an Add-On Module for the PanaLog IP V2 product only. PanaLog 4D V2 supports Windows 10, 8, 7 or XP.

Additional Info: PanaLog Lite, which is a limited feature call management tool, can be upgraded to PanaLog IP V2 at any time through the built-in upgrade purchasing option.

The Panasonic Connection

How PanaLog Connects to your Panasonic System: The Panasonic Connection

NOTE: PanaLog Pure IP V1, PanaLog Chrome V1, PanaLog 4D V1 are no longer manufactured and were replaced January 2016.  V1 products do not support Servers, Mac, Terminal Services/Virtual Machine Platforms, Win8, or Win10 Operating Systems. This applies to all software 1 versions (v1.x.x.x). Tech support is not provided on equipment that is not supported.