Panasonic Connection to PanaLog V2 Software

Software Application & License Installation info for IP & Cable Products

PanaLog IP V2, PanaLog Lite & PanaLog 4D V2 Connection

Insure you have a connection from the telephone system LAN port to the customer router/switch via CAT5 patch cord. Panasonic Telephone System interface is via IP path (over the customer's network) to the customer's PC. The consumer PC must be on the network. The Panasonic Telephone System Installer assigns the IP address of the telephone system. This is the path for call collection. That IP address is placed into PanaLog software to collect calls. If the telephone system IP address is not correct, calls will not be collected.

PanaLog Chrome V2 Connection

The consumer PC must have a Com Port to collect calls (internal or external). Connection is from the Telephone System RS232 port (using the cable kit included with the software) directly to the consumer PC Com Port. Panasonic specs for cable length is 6ft and PanaLog follows the connection specs of the telephone system manufacturer.

PanaLog V2 Software License Installation

Review License Installation Instructions & Warning included inside the software case.

NOTE: The PanaLog Software License supports installation between (1) PC and (1) telephone system connection only. For additional PC installations, additional licenses must be purchased.

· License installation. Your purchase includes (1) software license only. When you install the PanaLog License on the PC, the license has been used and you will not be able to install additional licenses. An attempt to install the license more than once will generate a message: "Reached the maxium allowable views". This means the license has already been installed or an attempt to install the license more than once has occurred. This results in a block of the secure license area. You are not permitted to install the license again unless you purchase another license per United States Copyright & Trademark laws.

License already installed or attempted more than once message:

PanaLog Engineers can review the log on the USB license and identify the date, time, PC and IP address location of where the license was installed:

· If a customer has PC issues and needs to replace their PC or they want to change the PanaLog location, they should purchase the extended warranty which includes a license recovery tool: Extended Warranty Options.

PanaLog Software Application Installation Tech Info Checklist

PanaLog application installation instructions (including telephone system programming specs) is located on the PanaLog CD (pdf file).

1) PanaLog software must be installed on a user PC account that has full Admin permissions (full Admin rights/full control/read & write access). If the consumer PC account does not have full Admin permissions, you will not be able to setup/config the software or collect calls (you need "write access" to configure/save software, and for call collection). PanaLog takes the raw data from Panasonic and writes it to a file on the consumer PC for consumer security. Calls are not stored in the PanaLog software program.


· If you are unable to get into the PanaLog setup, the PC does not have full Admin permissions and you will get a PC message: "text is read only". The PC is telling you that you do not have full Admin permissions (no "write" capability) for changes. PC accounts assigned as "Read only" permission is a low-level assignment that does not allow changes to a PC.

· Also, a user may "think" they have full Admin permissions, but sublevel folders may not have full access to Admin privileges, which is where software programs are installed and stored.

· When opening the PanaLog Program, the PC may prompt you and ask if you want to "run as an Administrator", the clearest indication full Admin rights are not assigned.

These Admin security examples are seen on Windows 10/8/7 PC's to enhance consumer's PC protection put in place by "Microsoft" (not PanaLog). If you can not enter the PanaLog Setup due to a PC message of "text is read only", or encounter Admin related PC messages, advise the consumer they should contact their IT dept for Admin assignments and assign full control (read/write access) of sublevel folders: Program Files. [PanaLog Company does not touch consumer PC security configurations or change their security assignments--we will not provide tech support on consumer PC security settings.]

2) PanaLog does not allow installation path alteration, meaning, the software installs on the C drive of Windows PC's, and it is installed in the same place on every PC in the United States. We do not allow changes in this path because in the event our tech support needs to provide assistance, we know where our software is located, which provides fast tech support. If PanaLog software is not installed on the C drive, the program will not operate. Also, if the PanaLog software installation steps, only 3-steps, were not followed per the installation instructions, the program will not operate.

· Example: you will not be able to open the PanaLog program at all from the desktop icon.

3) Insure the customer PC & telephone system meet the required specifications for each PanaLog product. The first step our software engineers take in troubleshooting is to identify the PC operating system. If the PC does not meet the equipment requirements, tech support can not be provided.

· IP Products support Windows 10/8/7/XP; KXNS/TDE/NCP

· Cable Products support Windows 7/XP only; KXTDA/KXTA824

· PanaLog Products do not support Servers, Mac, or Virtual/Terminal Machines

4) Review Windows 10/8/7 power setting Tech Tips Info located on the PanaLog V2 CD to insure PC does not idle out (insure PC does not hibernate or turn hard drive off) which will stop call collection.

5) Daylights Savings Time: PanaLog Software does not control the time. Program telephone system time if reports do not reflect the correct time.

6) Proper installation results in a properly formatted data stream which will appear at the PanaLog Main Menu. It is required so PanaLog software can be utilized for call analysis and to provide business reports. Proper configuration and call collection requires proper telephone system SMDR programming (per the included instructions), proper PC configuration, and proper configuration between the telephone system and PC. PanaLog software does not control the SMDR data flow, connection between the PC to the telephone system or call information sent from the telephone system to the PC. Call collection is only accomplished when there is sync between the telephone system SMDR path back to the PC input path. If the customer site is not collecting calls within a few minutes, Panasonic Dealers should submit a trouble ticket if all other steps above have been properly accomplished. The PanaLog serial number is validated for authenticity before tech support is provided.


· Consumer PC hardware issues; Telephone System/PC equipment malfunction.

· PanaLog Software does not support Panasonic's Discontinued Telephone Systems (KX-TD500/1232/816/308, KX-TAW848, KX-TA1232/624/308). The data stream will not be recognized for these discontinued Panasonic Telephone Systems. The customer office equipment, both PC & telephone system, must meet all the PanaLog Software Equipment Specs for proper program operation and to receive product warranty/tech support. Check product specs before purchasing PanaLog Products to insure all office equipment meets all PanaLog Software product specifications. If the PC Operating System and/or telephone system do not meet the product specs, PanaLog will not work or function.

Additional Info - Telephone System Call Buffer

The telephone system call buffer does not have the capacity to hold a lot of calls. If you close the PanaLog program, there is no connection between the PC and telephone system. If call management products do not have a connection, consumers will lose blocks of call information (that can never be recovered) if they (a)have high call volume or (b)do not have an established connection over a long period of time.

Stopping call collection and/or closing down the PanaLog software program disconnects the signal between the telephone system and PC. When you disconnect that signal, the call data stream has nowhere to go other than to remain in the telephone system call buffer. If the buffer exceeds its limit, data is overwritten (by the telephone system) and only the most recent calls remain.


· If the telephone system call buffer capacity is 500 calls and a consumer received 2,000 calls while they were disconnected, only 500 calls will dump from the buffer upon re-establishing a connection. The other 1,500 calls would be overwritten and can never be recovered.

Due to the importance of maintaining a live connection to the telephone system, PanaLog requires a manual shut down, meaning a consumer must intentionally click the Exit/Close link of the program. PanaLog software will then ask the consumer if they're sure they want to exit and stop call collection. They must physically select "yes" before PanaLog will close, otherwise call collection will continue. If they select "yes", PanaLog will automatically perform a proper disconnect of the pathway, then will close.

If consumers close the PanaLog program down at night and turn off their PC, they need to open PanaLog and start the live connection to the telephone system in the morning (just like any other business applications they use daily). This is easily accomplished by clicking the desktop icon, then clicking the Start/Connect icon (depending on your product) from the Main Menu. The telephone system call buffer should accommodate any calls that come in during the night and dump the data into PanaLog (if there were calls overnight). PanaLog then resumes normal operation of call collection and waits for Panasonic to send data. If a business runs a 24/7 operation, it is best to keep PanaLog running at all times to insure monitoring employee activity during the night shift.

Certified Panasonic Dealers should consult with Panasonic directly in regard to telephone system specifications since PanaLog software does not control the output of the telephone systems. Panasonic SMDR output is controlled by the PBX SMDR programming (also, the telephone company controls CO lines, to include Caller ID, DID, etc.). PanaLog software collects the data--PanaLog does not (and can not) control the output or the contents of the data.