Sample Reports & Report Information

Note: The reporting features listed on this page do not apply to the PanaLog Lite Product. View PanaLog Lite Features & Specs.

PanaLog IP V2, PanaLog 4D V2, PanaLog Chrome V2

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Photo Gallery: Sample Reports

Extension Totals Call Averages & Duration Area Code Reports-Geographic Location Inbound & Outbound call totals per day Caller ID Line Usage(CO Lines) high call volume Account Code Call Trends-Top Frequent Numbers Call Trends-Longest Call Duration Call Trends-Longest Average Duration Billing Details and cost Phone Bill Totals Special Reports: 911 Emergency Calls Calls Over 10 Minutes Data Reports for any information you require based on your search criteria. Calls Not Answered Bar graphs or Line graphs Bar graphs or Line graphs

Quick Report Generation:

  • 3 Sections to help manage business requirements.
  • Activate any report section for fast reporting options.
  • Select a report, click View & Print and you're finished.

Section 1 Reports

Most common reports for tracking call totals, call duration and averages for inbound and outbound calls.

Section 2 Reports

Call Trends show the Top 10, 25, 50,100 calls that are trending from your office.

Section 3 Reports

Provides billing information based on extension dialing and the call charges you applied in the Setup Section.

General Reporting Info

All PanaLog Software products allow flexibility in report generation...view only selected call information or the entire company activity. Your reports display only what you need. All PanaLog products also have a 3-tier level search capability, which allows over 100,000 different search possibilities of call information received from your Panasonic Telephone System. Due to the large and flexible searching capabilities of PanaLog Software, it is not possible to provide 100,000 examples of search/reporting capabilities on a web site, but the examples provided show how reports are generated and basic report structure. In addition to the pre-set reports included with PanaLog, any search that is done for data can generate a report based on the data that was searched (this is called a Data Report). Any report generated can be viewed quickly at your PC and/or sent to a printer for a quick printed copy.

Extension Totals & Extension duration averages (Total inbound/outboud, total talk time/averages for calls) are helpful in many business applications. This helps a business owner (or manager) monitor employee productivity.

All PanaLog products include 911 Emergency call reporting. PanaLog Pure IP also has pop-up notifications with audio alarms to alert company employees that an emergency call has been made. PanaLog 4D Add-On Module has enhanced capabilities which allow text & e-mail notification of emergency calls.

Caller ID or DID is provided from the telephone company for Inbound calls only (your Panasonic telephone system does not control Caller ID/DID). Caller ID/DID is a telephone company service that must be ordered from your telephone company. The telephone system can be programmed to send Caller ID/DID information received from the telephone company through the SMDR port. PanaLog software receives the information from the Panasonic system (if Caller ID was ordered from the telephone company), and provides the information that was received. PanaLog reports provide Inbound Caller ID or DID number based on how your telephone system is programmed by your Certified Panasonic Telephone System Installer.

Call trends help the business owner or manager identify telephone abuse, or identify high call volume to certain phone numbers. This report is flexible where you can show the top 5, top 100, top 500, or any amount of data you desire regarding telephone numbers that are called routinely on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. For telephone abuse: an employee may be calling friends or spouses 10 times a day and not working. For certain calls, it may mean your company has a very good customer and they call several times a day to place orders. You can search on phone numbers called often to see which extensions are making those calls. Based on the extension and their job function, a company could determine what is happening at their facility.

Billing charge capability is great for businesses such as: hotels, attorneys, or just to keep an eye on your phone bill. You set the call charges as your business requires for local, long distance and International calls. PanaLog calculates the call totals for you based on the dollar amount you assigned. Two preset report options are available: one report showing call details and no account codes, and one report including account codes with the call details.

Calls by Date gives consumers quick statistics of Inbound & Outbound activity for each day. You can set your date range as desired for a quick calculation.

Calls of Longest Duration is flexible to show how many calls you want to display, and shows you who is talking on the phone for long periods of time. Depending on the extension, the call could be telephone abuse where an employee is not working and talking to friends, or it may be a long tech support call which is 100% business related. Your company can determine what is happening based on the employee extension number and their job function.

Calls Not Answered are sent by the telephone system when voice mail or a live person does not answer, meaning the phone rang and eventually the caller hung up. If you are a business where you rely on orders, customer service, or any type of business, you always want the phone to be answered by either a receptionist or voice mail to route to the correct department. There may be technical reasons why the phone wasn't answered, example: your voice mail system could be down and is off-line not answering; or, there may not be enough voice mail ports to answer all the incoming calls, and a port must get free in order to answer. It may also indicate the receptionist is overwhelmed by incoming call volume and is missing answering some calls (or may need help). This report is helpful to monitor that the phone lines are always answered. If your voice mail system always answers incoming calls and you notice many unanswered calls, always consult your Certified Panasonic Telephone System Installer for assistance.

Graphs are also included. Easy point and click features, just select your graph from the dropdown box and click "View & Print".

All PanaLog products have Advanced Search capability. In addition to the included 25 pre-set reports, Data Reports allow you to customize reports based on the call information received from your Panasonic Telephone System. The Advanced Search feature has up to a 3-Level search capability which allows you to pin-point certain call data and zone-in on specific call information. The drop down boxes have preset filters that separate information so you can mix and match any combination of data to obtain a report. Results of your search are displayed at the Analyze screen, where you can click the "Print Screen" icon and generate a Data Report for your specific business needs. Ask your Certified Panasonic Telephone System Installer for the specifications of your telephone system: Software Reporting Capability & Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ