Official Licensed Products

Each product manufactured receives it's own unique identification number, and validates a legal licensed software product, which can only be installed at one office location. We do not manufacture PanaLog without a serial number.

If you have received illegal software, contact the PanaLog Legal Department and file a report. We also advise consumers who discover they were sold an illegal PanaLog software product to contact the merchant where you purchased the product and request a refund. The PanaLog Legal Team will work with you and provide you with documentation to validate your claim.

PanaLog United States Copyright and Trademark

PanaLog Call Management Software is Copyright and Trademark protected under United States Copyright and Trademark laws. Each software license (serial number) supports installation at (1) site location between (1) PC and (1) PBX connection only.

We do not authorize any company to copy/duplicate, illegally distribute/sell; decompile parts/components for other use, incorporate parts/components into 3rd party software not developed by PanaLog Company; install the same unit at multiple site locations; or utilize our Copyright and Trademark software products outside the scope of the software license. Maximum penalties can be imposed of $10,000 per day for each day of illegal use. Copyright infringement is a federal crime which can include, in addition to the penalties, up to 10 years of imprisonment. We do prosecute, to the full extent of the law, all violations of United States Copyright and Trademark infringement of PanaLog software.