When to contact your Certified Panasonic Installer


Important! Per Panasonic Corporation of North America, only Certified Panasonic Telephone System Installers may program the telephone systems. Telephone system programming and configuration to your telephone system is required for the software to operate and function properly. PanaLog Company follows all legal guidelines of Panasonic Corporation of North America and can only provide advanced T3 level support to Certified Panasonic Dealers.

Below are the most common issues that are related to either telephone system or PC issues and are not PanaLog Software issues, which require a Certified Panasonic Installer to submit a tech support ticket.

Consumers must Contact your Certified Panasonic Telephone System Installer for any of the following issues so they can submit a trouble ticket:

  • Software installation, setup & configuration.
  • Adds, moves, changes, software modifications, office relocation, changing of telephone system "or" PC equipment, all of which requires the software to be reconfigured. This is a standard Dealer "service call" to the customer's office, and is part of the Certified Dealer's job to maintain and service their customer's equipment.
  • Com Port & Network issues of not collecting calls at Main Menu/Control Panel (which collects the Panasonic Data stream and only indicates if there is sync between the Telephone System SMDR pathway to the distant end PC input pathway...this is not controlled by PanaLog Software).
  • If using PanaLog Pure IP, PanaLog 4D or PanaLog Lite (IP connection), an Internet/LAN connection is required to interface the Panasonic Telephone System (and your Panasonic Installer assigns the IP address via telephone system programming--PanaLog does not control IP addresses). If the IP address is not valid, or if a duplicated IP address is utilized, you will not collect calls as there is not a valid pathway between the telephone system and PC to send/receive the call data. Panasonic Dealers should contact Panasonic direct if necessary for IP address assignment assistance. ==>Consumer site network issues which fail to maintain the established IP connection to the telephone system will not collect calls, or may not maintain a constant call collection connection. PanaLog software does not control consumer networks, and site locations experiencing network issues will not collect calls as there is no valid pathway between the PC back to the telephone system, and/or may periodically experience interruptions in call collection due to network or PC issues. PanaLog software does not control the connection process or PC connectivity.
  • If using PanaLog Chrome (PC Com Port required), and you are receiving an error message of "invalid port", your Com Port on your PC is not configured correctly and you will not collect calls (your PC is telling you the port is not valid--not a PanaLog issue). If no error message is received and you are not collecting calls, there is an incorrect configuration between the PC back to the telephone system--not a PanaLog issue--as there is not a pathway established between the telephone system and PC.
  • If you can not enter/save setup configuration, report statistics not calculating properly, blank reports, call data is missing in some fields, data is shifted and not displaying properly, date/time is not correct, Caller ID not displaying properly, DID not displaying properly, outbound calls are not reporting: are some examples due to improper software setup, and/or improper telephone system SMDR programming, and/or improper equipment configuration, and/or changing of equipment, and/or PC is not configured for Admin privileges to install programs and/or save data. These issues are not controlled by PanaLog Software as the software will only operate and function if the Telephone System & PC is configured correctly.
  • Telephone System Data stream corruption - this is a Telephone System SMDR output issue. The issue you will see with a data stream corruption (and sometimes an incorrect configuration) is that PanaLog stops processing calls to the stored call database as the corruption causes the data stream to shift "periodically" or the telephone system sends blank data fields, causing data not to process. PanaLog protects the call database. Viewing of calls at the Analyze screen, an indication of data stream corruption from the telephone system: calls information may be blank in some fields, calls will be missing or blocks of data is missing as they were not processed due to a corruption detection--but--calls will still flow to the PanaLog Main Menu/Control Panel because you are connected to the Panasonic Telephone System and this just shows sync (whether it's good data or bad data). However, once the data is received, PanaLog Software does not process corrupted data. If data stream corruption is identified from the telephone system system, PanaLog software stops processing the calls to avoid corrupting the entire database of stored calls. NOTE: The Analyze screen does not store the calls. The Analyze screen views properly formatted calls collected, which are stored on the customer PC. This type of issue is not a PanaLog Software issue--it could be data corruption or it could be an incorrect configuration. In either case, your Panasonic Telephone System Installer is needed at your office for troubleshooting.

PanaLog software does not control the data flow, connection between the PC to the telephone system or call information sent from the telephone system to the PC. PanaLog does not control call collection as call collection is only accomplished when there is sync between the PC Com Port or IP path (depending on the product) back to the telephone system SMDR port. All information is controlled by the telephone system and the PC which requires sync and proper protocols (either by Com Port or IP path from the PC back to the telephone system SMDR port). Proper configuration requires proper telephone system programming, proper PC configuration, and proper configuration between the telephone system and PC. The issues below are Advanced T3 Level site issues which require a Certified Panasonic Telephone System Installer to be on site at your office for proper installation & configuration to your telephone system.

Certified Panasonic Dealers must submit an Electronic Dealer T3 Level Support Request if they require assistance in troubleshooting  any of the above issues: Panasonic Dealer Support


  • Consumer PC hardware issues; Telephone System/PC equipment malfunction.
  • Any issue that occurs on telephone system or PC equipment that our software does not support.
  • PanaLog Software does not support Panasonic's Discontinued Telephone Systems (KX-TD500/1232/816/308, KX-TAW848, KX-TA1232/624/308). The data stream will not be recognized for discontinued Panasonic Telephone Systems. The customer office equipment, both PC & telephone system, must meet all the PanaLog Software Equipment Specs for proper program operation and to receive product warranty/tech support. Check product specs before purchasing PanaLog Products to insure all office equipment meets all PanaLog Software product specifications. If the PC Operating System and/or telephone system do not meet the product specs, PanaLog will not work or function.