USA Certified Panasonic Dealer V2 Product Support

Important: Per Panasonic guidelines, Telephone Systems must be installed, programmed and serviced by Certified Panasonic Dealers. Telephone system programming is required for PanaLog software to operate and function properly. Tech support and/or troubleshooting the PBX data and sync between the PBX and consumer PC input path is provided to Certified Panasonic Installers only. We can not provide Support until Certified Panasonic Installers submit a Support Ticket below, and the PanaLog Serial Number is validated as an Official Legal Licensed product.

Submit Dealer Tech Support Ticket Based On Product

PanaLog V2 Product Line Support

Dealers are not required to be on-site at customer location to submit a ticket (however depending on customer issue you may be required to be at their office if they are experiencing telephone system or PC equipment issues which are preventing telephone system call collection).

· The PanaLog Serial Number you provide will be validated to authenticate an Official Licensed PanaLog V2 Product before support is provided: Serial Number

· Note: Follow Setup & PBX programming exactly per the included installation instructions for license installation (case insert) and program installation (.pdf located on the PanaLog CD) or PanaLog products will not operate or function.

·  License installation/troubleshooting info:  Software Installation

· Submit V2 Support Ticket (Certified Panasonic Dealers only. M-F 8am-4pm EST)

PanaLog PRO Dealer Support: This is a specialized product for USA Partners only. Your product has been customized for your company and has the PRO graphics on the CD case, as illustrated below.

Direct phone support is provided for any issue. Only Certified Partners who enrolled in the PRO program when it was offered to USA Panasonic Dealers can submit a PRO ticket, all others will be rejected by the electronic system.

Additional Product Info

  • PanaLog Legacy Support - Note: PanaLog legacy support for discontinued software versions (V0 & V1) has long expired. Software Replacement Info

  • Version 1 Products were discontinued December 2015 and replaced with the V2 product line. Legacy support for discontinued V1 products expired Dec 30, 2016. Notifications were sent to Authorized Distribution and existing users with upgrade offers between January 01, 2016 thru July 01, 2016. Full Notice: 2015 Notice

  •   Submit V1 Ticket (Expires Dec 30, 2016)

  • V1 Products: The On-Line Reporting Assistance for the PanaLog V1 Products have been discontinued. Existing Registered Users can use the User Guide that is included with their software for reporting assistance (located on Official PanaLog CD). PanaLog Products that have been discontinued means the on-line report assistance feature has been disabled and the warranty has long expired for outdated software. Extsting users should replace their software with the V2 Product Line

Consumer (End User) Support

  • PanaLog V2 End User Support: T1 Level Support is built into the software which provides assistance with reporting and program operation. V2 End User T1 Support
  • PanaLog PRO End User Support: End Users are provided PRO Tier 1 (T1) support built into the software which provides assistance with reporting and program operation. End-User PRO T1 Support

PanaLog Software Facts

  • The PanaLog Software License & warranty supports installation between (1) PC and (1) telephone system connection only. For multiple site locations, or additional PC installations, additional licenses must be purchased.

  • PanaLog Software does not control the SMDR data flow, connection between the PC to the telephone system or call information sent from the telephone system to the PC.  PanaLog does not store the calls collected--all calls are stored on the consumer PC hard drive. Call collection is only accomplished when there is sync between the telephone system SMDR path back to the PC. All information is controlled by the telephone system and the PC which requires sync and proper protocols (either by RS232 or IP path). Proper configuration requires proper telephone system programming, proper PC configuration, and proper configuration between the telephone system and PC.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) PanaLog Facts
  • PanaLog Software does not support Servers, MAC or Terminal Services/Virtual Machine Platforms. Tech support is not provided on equipment that is not supported.
  • Warranty & Lost Products: PanaLog Warranty Guidelines. No tech support or warranty provided outside the USA.