Frequently Asked Questions V2 Products (FAQ)

Question: Will this software only work on Panasonic Systems?

  • Yes. PanaLog is specifically designed for Panasonic Telephone Systems (view Panasonic models below). PanaLog does not support any other telephone systems, and is for use in the United States only.

Question: What if my Panasonic Telephone System is not listed in the equipment specs?

  • PanaLog Software supports all of Panasonic's current telephone system models: KX-NS, KX-NCP, KX-TDE, KX-TDA, KX-TA824

  • If your Panasonic telephone system has been discontinued by Panasonic, PanaLog will not support your telephone system as the call data stream will not be recognized. Panasonic's Discontinued Telephone System Models that will not work with PanaLog: KX-TD500,1232,816,308, KX-TAW848, KX-TA1232,624,308. Always check with your Certified Panasonic Telephone System Installer before purchasing PanaLog Software products to insure all equipment meets the required product specifications. Your Telephone System & PC must meet all the PanaLog Software specs for proper program operation.

Question: Why do consumers require a Certified Panasonic Telephone System Installer to install PanaLog Software?

  • PanaLog Company follows all Legal Guidelines of Panasonic Corporation of North America. Per Panasonic's policies, only Certified Panasonic Dealers may service/program the telephone systems. The Panasonic telephone systems require programming for call collection (meaning, the systems out of the box are not set for all call reporting statistics). This is why a Certified Panasonic Dealer is required, and consumers should consult with their Certified Installer to insure all site equipment meets the proper specs.

Question: How many calls will the software log?

  • Calls are not logged or stored within PanaLog software. Calls are stored on the consumer PC so storage is based on the consumer hard drive storage capacity. PanaLog software does not control call storage. Review the call collection process: Panasonic Connection

Question: Can PanaLog be connected to multiple telephone systems at the same time or can multiple employees load the software to their PC?

  • No. The PanaLog Software License and warranty supports installation on (1) PC only, at (1) site location only, and between (1) PC and (1) PBX connection only. (1) software unit is required for each site location as each software unit can only support (1) direct point-to-point interface. PanaLog Software is not a multi-user product. The call data collected is stored on the PC that has (1) direct connection. All other connection attempts will disconnect the original PC from the telephone system, as there is only one pathway to talk to the telephone system.

Question: What PC Windows Operating Systems & Phone Systems are supported?

  • PanaLog Pure IP V2, PanaLog 4D V2, PanaLog Lite: Equipment Specs

  • PanaLog Chrome V2: Equipment Specs

  • PanaLog Software does not support Servers, MAC or Terminal Services/Virtual Machine Platforms. Tech support is not provided on equipment that is not supported.

Question: Does PanaLog interface with other software programs? (Examples of 3rd party software would be Microsoft Excel for cvs or other conversions; other call management programs; other accounting programs; or exporting data to other programs).

  • No. PanaLog does not interface with other software programs, as our software program is designed to work within itself only. The PanaLog program has set fields and parameters that are designed for PanaLog use only.

  • We do not authorize decompiling of our software for other use, which would be a violation of the software End User License Agreement (EULA) and United States Copyright & Trademark laws. PanaLog Software: Copyright & Trademark Info

Question: Will this software track hold time, abandoned calls and calls in que?

  • No. Panasonic telephone systems do not generate this information through the SMDR/RS232 pathway. PanaLog Software can only provide information to you that is received from the Panasonic Telephone System SMDR path. The easiest way to remember what PanaLog can report is this: if your telephone system sends information through the SMDR port, we can provide statistics on that information. If your telephone system does not send information through the SMDR port, then you can not obtain statistics that do not exist. Based on your telephone system model, SMDR output varies but can include information about: Date, Time, Extension, CO(voice lines), Dialed Number, Caller ID/DID, Ring Time, Call Duration, Account Codes, Calls Not Answered, etc. For further information about SMDR capabilities for specific Panasonic Telephone System models, Panasonic Dealers are required to contact Panasonic directly for system specifications of their equipment.

Question: Do you have reporting samples?

  • (a) Yes. All PanaLog Products have a 3-tier level search capability, which allows over 100,000 different search possibilities. Due to the large and flexible searching capabilities of PanaLog, it is not possible to provide 100,000 examples of search/report capability on a web site, but the examples provided show how reports are generated and basic report structure based on search criteria. Sample Reports

  • (b) Does PanaLog e-mail or schedule reports?

    • No. PanaLog does not e-mail or schedule reports. Reports are flexible and require the user to select the desired report and input the date range of the report. The PanaLog 4D V2  Add-On module for the IP product line does send text & e-mail alerts for telephone system alarms, 911 emergency calls, connectivity status  and more, if required for your business.

Question: What if I require Tech Support?

Question: Where can PanaLog be used?

  • Anywhere in the USA. Any commercial business, home office or general home use; as long as you have a PC & Panasonic Telephone System model that meets all PanaLog product specs.

Question: Why do software companies not allow returns on software?

  • All PanaLog Product documentation clearly states to keep the PanaLog Products and devices in a safe location. The warranty does not support returns or lost items so a replacement can not be sent. The PanaLog product you purchase is individually manufactured, we do not manufacture the same products with the same serial numbers. This policy is in place to prevent illegal software piracy. Official Licensed Products

Question: Does PanaLog offer Demo units?

  • No. Demo units were discontinued in 2007 when the installation portion of the actual software units were restructured. All PanaLog Official Licensed Software provides (1) software license key only for connection between (1) PC and (1) telephone system only. This protects our product from illegal software piracy. The license key can not be e-mailed as it is a hardware device that plugs into the PC USB port.

Question: What is the Standard Warranty that comes with the software?

  • A PanaLog Standard Warranty is included with your original purchase. You can access the warranty information here: PanaLog Standard Warranty.

  • We also built the License and Warranty information into the software's Control Panel for your convenience. Example:

  • PanaLog also offers an Extended Warranty: Extended Warranty Options