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Welcome to PanaLog Chrome V2

Entry into PanaLog Chrome V2 Easy Setup - Select your telephone system, Click Configure then Click Save. Main Menu collects the call data from your phone system. Control Panel provides helpful user information, Support Library and technical assistance. Exiting the PanaLog program from Main Menu gives users a pop-up warning that they are disconnecting the call collection process and will not collect calls.

  • Easy Setup. Select your telephone system, click "Use Defaults" & click "Save".
  • Cable Connection via Phone System RS232 port to PC Com Port.
    • SMDR Cable Kit Included & assembled with software package.
  • Main Menu collects the data from the Panasonic Telephone System.
  • User Control Panel with Built-In Electronic Support Interface. Test Emergency Notification without calling 911 to insure activation.
  • Exiting the PanaLog Program provides users a warning pop-up that calls will not be collected.

Easy Menu Navigation & Fast Analysis of Call Data

Analyze Call Data collected. Automated Reports for fast employee statistics. Extension Analyzer lets managers spot check employee activity quickly. 911 Emergency Alerts when 911 is called from user office.

  • Enhanced Analysis & Reporting.
  • Easy Navigation. Analyze screen shows all calls collected, locates specific call information and searches for call information based on the users search.
  • 911 Emergency Call Tracking.
  • Easy Menu Options for fast point-n-click reporting capabilities.
  • Report Automation for fast extension reporting statistics.
  • Extension Analyzer. Check on any employee in a second! Great for spot-checking productivity and performance.

PanaLog Chrome V2 Built-in Library

Support Library

  • Built-In Support Library Feature for program operation and reporting procedures.

Call Management Reports

PanaLog Software can provide reports of: Calls by Extensions, Call Durations, Talk Time Averages, Calls by Area Codes (includes geographic location), Calls by Hour, Line Usage, CID & DID, Calls by Dates, Call Accounting, Account Code Billing, Longest Durations, Duration Average, Call Trends (helps track telephone abuse), all Inbound/Outbound activity. Data Information: Ring time, International calls, Long Distance calls, Local calls & Toll Free Calls. *Check with your Panasonic Telephone System installer for the features you have based on your telephone system model. Depending on your telephone system model & circuit cards installed in your telephone system, PanaLog can provide great reporting capabilities based on the call information it receives from your Panasonic Telephone System. View Report Samples

Optional Add-On Modules

  • Optional Add-On Modules & Enhancements (for existing Users). Chrome V2