PanaLog Lite Software Highlights & Reports

Welcome to PanaLog Lite

PanaLog Lite is the most cost effective alternative for businesses requiring basic call mangement needs. PanaLog Lite is strictly a call management reporting tool consisting of 8 reports, with the added ability of advanced searching to generate customized Data reports.

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Entry into PanaLog Lite Main Menu Easy Setup - Select your telephone system and click Save. Easy IP Connection in seconds - Enter Telephone System IP address, click Save then click Connect IP. After Configuration, call data is transported to the Main Menu. Exiting the PanaLog program from Main Menu gives users a pop-up warning that they are disconnecting the call collection process and will not collect calls.

  • Supports KX-TDE, KX-NCP, KX-NS Systems Only.
  • Supports Windows 10, 8, 7, XP - PC must be on Network - Internet Connection Required. Also supports WIFI connection - Go Wireless!
  • Fast IP Connection - Just enter the telephone system IP address into the PanaLog Lite setup & click "Connect".
  • Fast automated authentication connects in Micro-Seconds!
  • Main Menu collects the data from the Panasonic Telephone System.
  • Exiting the PanaLog Program provides users a warning pop-up that calls will not be collected.

Fast Analysis of Calls & Easy Tool Bar Navigation

Analyze Call Data collected. Analyze Menu Tool Bar provides easy navigation for reporting options and maintenance.

  • Analyze screen shows all calls collected, locates specific call information and searches for call information based on user input.
  • Easy Tool Bar navigation for reporting and program maintenance.
  • Advanced Search Capability generate Data Reports
  • Optional Upgrades
    • PanaLog Lite can be upgraded at any time. Click on "Upgrade Info" from the Analyze Tool Bar and view upgrade purchasing information.

Reporting Capability

Preset Call Totals and Durations Reports Preset Call Trend Reports shows the Top 10 statistics only for the PanaLog Lite version. 911 Emergency pop-ups alert users if 911 is called from your office. Critical Alerts provides pop-up when customer site network issues are detected.

  • Built-in Call Management Reports help track employee productivity, stop telephone abuse, and evaluate business statistics.
  • Emergency 911 Notifications Reporting
  • Built-In Alert Notifications Monitor Network Connection.

Control Panel with Built-In User Library

Control Panel provides helpful user information and Certified Dealer technical info. Built-in Library provides users quick reporting and program operation procedures. PanaLog Lite can be upgraded at any time for more reporting features and options.

  • User Control Panel provides helpful information Built-In Electronic Support Interface.
  • Support Library provides users with program operation procedures and reporting assistance.

PanaLog Lite - Reporting Samples

  • PanaLog Lite provides limited reporting: Extension Totals, Extension Durations, Inbound/Outbound Totals by Date, Caller ID, Calls by Hour, Calls Not Answered, Longest Call Durations, Most Frequently Called Numbers. Data Reports-unlimited based on your search criteria.

  • Upgrading PanaLog Lite provides more advanced features and more reporting capabilities.

Extension Totals Call Averages & Duration Inbound & Outbound call totals per day Caller ID Call Trends - Top 10 Frequently Called Numbers Call Trends - Top 10 Logest Durations Data Reports are generated for any information you require based on your search criteria. Example: Spot check a certain extension. Data Report - Check on Calls Not Answered 911 Emergency Calls are always logged