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IP Solutions

PanaLog Pure IP V2  MSRP $349.00 - In Stock Purchase

PanaLog 4DV2

PanaLog 4D V2 Add On Module  MSRP $225.00 - In Stock Purchase

PanaLog Lite MSRP $175.00 - - In Stock Purchase

RS232 Cable Solutions

PanaLog Chrome V2 MSRP  $299.00 - In Stock Purchase

Existing Users

Existing Users - Add-Ons for your products

Existing Users

Extended Warranty - All V2 Products. Extended Warranty protects your license, installation and guarantees software re-installation if you have computer issues or if you upgrade/change out your computer. Includes License Recovery Tool.

PanaLog V2 Extended Warranty with License Recovery Tool Options


Auto-Start Module (IP Products Only). Customized software per IP V2 Product line serial number. A valid PanaLog IP V2 Product must already be installed on your PC in order for the Auto-Start Module to function. The Auto-Start module will automatically start PanaLog, connect to your telelphone system via IP pathway and start receiving calls upon a PC reboot.

PanaLog IP V2, 4D V2 or PanaLog Lite Auto-Start Module

PanaLog Lite

PanaLog Lite Upgrade. Upgrades Existing PanaLog Lite Users to the PanaLog IP V2. This upgrade only applies to users currently using the PanaLog Lite product.

• Purchase upgrade from within your software: PanaLog Lite Upgrade Info

Additional licenses

Purchase Additional V2 License (for additional installations)

Purchase Additional IP V2 License

Purchase Additional Chrome V2 License

Purchase Additional PanaLog 4D V2 License

Purchase Additional PanaLog Lite License