Purchase PanaLog Pure IP V2: Supports Windows 10,8,7,XP

The PanaLog Software License & warranty supports installation on (1) PC only, between (1) PC and (1) telephone system connection only. For multiple site locations, additional licenses must be purchased.

PanaLog Pure IP V2 - MSRP $349.00

*Please Note Terms & Conditions: By purchasing PanaLog Pure IP V2 Call Management Software, you agree to all terms and conditions outlined below; you acknowledge you have a Panasonic Telephone System Model that our software supports; your computer meets the required specifications; and all PanaLog Pure IP Equipment Requirements are met: Equipment Requirements. There are no returns on software products so insure all requirements are met before purchasing PanaLog Products. Ships to the 50 United States only. No shipments outside the USA. Free Shipping: Shipping is by UPS or FedEx Ground Delivery, or USPS Priority. We ship to your door by the fastest delivery method depending on the carrier. Some Panasonic telephone systems require programming by your Certified Panasonic vendor. PanaLog Call Management Company does not program telephone systems. Per Panasonic Corporation of North America: Only Certified Panasonic Telephone System Installers may program the telephone systems. Telephone system programming is required for the software to operate and function properly. Tech support and/or troubleshooting the PBX data and sync between the PBX and consumer PC input path is not provided to consumers (end users). PanaLog Company follows all legal guidelines of Panasonic Corporation of North America, and as such, it is recommended that PanaLog Software be installed and configured to your telephone system by your Certified Panasonic Telephone System Installer. No warranty or support provided outside the United States.