Software Info

All PanaLog products are made, manufactured and supported in the USA.

Panasonic Telephone Systems send data about every inbound and outbound call when the call is terminated (when you hang up the phone). PanaLog Software captures the data from the Panasonic system immediately, and stores the information on your computer hard drive for reporting and statistical analysis. PanaLog Software can only provide statistics and reporting based on what your Panasonic Telephone System sends through the SMDR (call data) port.

Customer Benefits

PanaLog is an outstanding call management accessory for Panasonic Telephone Systems because it is designed only for the Panasonic call data output. PanaLog software is very easy to use. During the design process, we thought about our customers using the product, and made it as easy as possible to obtain office statistics. If you can click a mouse, you can generate a report because we have preset reporting options that allow you to select a report & print--it’s that easy. We also have advanced options to zone-in and pinpoint specific information to monitor employee activity, telephone abuse and much more. Every Business Owner and office manager should know what is happening at their facility. Business Owners now have a call management tool they need at the most cost effective price in the United States.

PanaLog supports the maximum number of extensions for all Panasonic systems...with no additional or hidden costs. Some software companies have a higher cost for larger control units, additional costs when adding more extensions, or additional costs for telephone system expansion. They are charging you because your business is growing. We proved there is no reason to keep charging you additional fees when you expand your telephone system as your office grows. PanaLog supports all of the current USA Panasonic Telephone System product lines and all extensions at the same low cost. In addition, we provide Free Tech Support during our normal business hours (software serial number validation and registration is required). We are proud to have set the standards in the United States for Call Management.

Panasonic Output & Reporting Capability

PanaLog provide all users with a cost effective call management solution and an extremely powerful program. Analyze all call activity for Commercial Office, Home Office or General Home use in seconds. Generate reports, graphs, or zone-in on certain employees with our easy point and click menu options.

Based on the telephone system output, PanaLog can provide reports of: Calls by Extensions, Call Durations, Talk Time Averages, Calls by Area Codes (includes geographic location), Calls by Hour, Line Usage, CID & DID, Calls by Dates, Call Accounting, Account Code Billing, Longest Durations, Duration Average, Call Trends (helps track telephone abuse), all Inbound/Outbound activity. Data Information: Ring time, International calls, Long Distance calls, Local calls & Toll Free Calls. *Consumers should check with your Panasonic Telephone System installer for the features you have based on your telephone system model. PanaLog can provide great reporting capabilities based on the call information it receives from your Panasonic Telephone System.

Emergency 911 Reporting

911 Emergency Calls: All PanaLog products provide 911 reporting when the Panasonic System sends emergency 911 call data. Depending on the PanaLog product you select, you can get additional enhancements which would send audiable alerts from the PC and receive text messages that 911 was dialed from your office. Depending on your telephone system model, there can be 2 options within telephone system programming for 911 call data: A) to have 911 call data immediately sent when 911 is dialed & also when the call has ended (which generates 2 separate call records for each 911 call); or B) to have the call data sent only when the call has ended (which generates 1 call record). This is controlled by telephone system programming (not PanaLog software). You should consult with your Panasonic Telephone System Installer for specifics based on your telephone system model and select telephone system programming options that are best for your company.

Additional Benefits

  • PanaLog Software includes 25 preset Call Management Reports & Graphs for quick office statistics.
  • FLEXIBILITY -- view all office information, or only what you need at the moment; PanaLog allows “you” to select what you would like to analyze.
  • Supports Centrex, Local 10 Digit Dialing Plans, T1/PRI/SIP Trunks
  • Reports can be saved as a file or sent to your printer.
  • Built-In Tech Support provided within the software (all products).
  • Backup capabilities (IP products).
  • Never an additional cost when adding extensions or expanding your telephone system. PanaLog will grow with your business automatically.
  • Advanced Search Options: you can actually search over 100,000 different combinations of information based on the Panasonic System data output and our advanced filters.

Additional Info

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