Cable Connection - Telephone System & PC Requirements

PanaLog Chrome V2

Includes installation CD, USB License Key, User Guide, Technical specs for setup and configuration.

*SMDR Cable Kit Included-Already Assembled


The Telephone System Manufacturer specifies to comply with a maximum RS232 cable distance of 6FT between the Telephone System RS232 Port and PC. Please refer to your Telephone System Installation Manual for specifications and requirements. *NOTE: If your PC does not have a Com Port (the necessary PC hardware to interface your telephone system when using an RS232 cable connection pathway), you will need to purchase a 9-pin male Serial Com Port, internal or external, for call collection. PanaLog does not manufacture PC hardware. A cable kit is included for PC Com Port to telephone system connection.

PanaLog Chrome V2 Telephone System Requirements (User Supplied)

KX-TDA or  KX-TA824 Only

Interface Specs: Telephone System RS232 serial port via cable connection to PC Com Port.

PanaLog Chrome V2 Computer Requirements (User Supplied)

NOTE: PanaLog Chrome V2 does not support  Windows 10, Windows 8, Servers, MAC or Terminal Services/Virtual Machine Platforms. Tech support is not provided on equipment that is not supported.

  • Supports Only Windows XP or Windows 7 (32/64-bit processors)
  • CD ROM Drive, USB Port, 128M RAM, 150MB hard drive storage
  • 9-pin Male Serial RS232 PC Com Port. If your PC did not come with a Com Port, an external Com Port with the same specs will work.
  • A note about external Com Ports: We do not promote one brand of external Com Ports over another, however, we use the product GoldX 1200 on our test benches and have never had an issue in 16 years. If a customer's PC does not recognize an external Com Port device, you will not collect calls. Search the Internet for GoldX 1200 for information and purchasing. PanaLog  Company does not sell PC hardware or Com Port devices, nor do we receive compensation for mentioning a product. We just provide solutions that work.

Additional Info

NOTE: Internet capability required at the PC where PanaLog Chrome V2 is installed to access the Built-In Tech Library Feature.