PanaLog Software Warranty - USA Only

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Included Standard Warranty - All PanaLog Products

No warranty or support provided without a valid PanaLog software serial number. PanaLog provides a 90-day warranty to insure your software is operational and fully functional at the time of installation, with no software defects. Warranty or tech support does not cover products that are installed on PC Operating systems or telephone systems that our software does not support. We have a strict repair and/or replace policy for defective parts only if there is an installation malfunction. Warranty does not cover lost items or replacements due to improper media storage. Warranty does not cover consumer PC hardware issues; Telephone System/PC equipment malfunction. Warranty void if holograms are removed from PanaLog devices. The PanaLog Software License & warranty supports installation at (1) office location only, between (1) PC and (1) telephone system connection only. Products are a single user interface and do not support multiple users at each location. For multiple site locations, additional licenses must be purchased. No replacements for lost PanaLog parts, which protect our software from illegal piracy, and only one PanaLog installation device can be assigned to each facility per software license. Warranty is void for erasing/overwriting and/or altering PanaLog Software products, and/or intentionally damaging PanaLog Software products, and/or natural disasters. No replacements or upgrades for Demo/free units. Warranty does not cover free upgrades or exchanges with other products. Warranty does not provide upgrades for discontinued products as all warranty has expired for discontinued products. All PanaLog Products that have been discontinued means the warranty has expired for all customers utilizing those products, as they have been discontinued for two years or more and are not eligible for upgrades. Discontinued products can not be registered as warranty or support can not be provided to products that no longer exist. There are no returns/refunds of software products. Warranty provides technical support in the USA only. Certified Installers are required to submit a T3 support request for defective part replacement via Electronic Trouble Ticket at the PanaLog web site listed in the support section. Upon evaluation of the request, a Return Authorization may or may not be provided, depending on the warranty guidelines. No shipments will be accepted without a Return Authorization Number by PanaLog. You must include a copy of your Invoice/proof of purchase to validate any claim. If PanaLog receives any unit with claims of defects we will validate your PanaLog Software serial number and unit for authentication. Units will be inspected, tested for authenticity, and/or verified for malfunctions. If units are not defective, or not Authentic PanaLog products, the item will be returned to the consumer, with shipping cost billed to the customer. All claims will be processed and shipped within 3 business days of receipt to the software license owner. All warranty information presented is the current policy effective January 1, 2016, and supercedes all other policies. Panasonic is a Registered Trademark of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. The use of this name refers to equipment the PanaLog Software Supports. This software is not manufactured by Panasonic. No warranty, support or software activation provided outside the United States. This product is for use in the 50 United States only. If you provide an invalid PanaLog Software Serial Number, or invalid Registration information tech support can not be provided. Providing false Registration information of equipment and installation location will void your software license. All PanaLog Products that have been discontinued means the warranty has expired for all customers utilizing those products, as they have been discontinued for two years or more.

Additional Info About Lost Products

All PanaLog Product documentation clearly state to keep the PanaLog Products and devices in a safe location, as the warranty does not support lost items and a replacement can not be sent (and that is also where the unique serial number is located). The PanaLog product you purchase is individually manufactured, we do not manufacture the same products with the same serial numbers. This policy is in place to prevent illegal software piracy. Example: if you purchased a TV at an electronics store, then a few weeks later you went back to that store and said you lost the TV...the company would not be able to give you a new TV. The same applies to software, just like any product that is manufactured in the world. However, with software, if a consumer installs software on a PC, and uses it, there is no way for a software manufacturer to confirm you have removed the software from your computer and are not using it, or will not use it in the future. If a consumer returned the "package" and kept the software installed on a PC, this would be software theft as a consumer could be using a copyright & trademarked product that they did not pay for. This is the reason most software companies do not allow returns. In addition, Tech support can not be provided if the products are "lost" as our tech support center could not re-install your software, if necessary, if your PC has technical issues--you have the only licensed unit with unique serial number for your location, which is required for support. It is the consumer responsibility to safeguard any type of merchandise they purchase. So if your product is lost, it is not possible to provide support, or provide a replacement. Consumers who lost their product to look around their office location for the Official Licensed PanaLog Product and see if you can find it to avoid purchasing new PanaLog Software.